Metabolome and Valorization of Plant Biodiversity


Group leader Xavier FERNANDEZ (Professor)

Research in our group is oriented around three major themes: 

Valorization of plant biodiversity 
- Analytical sciences applied to natural extracts (HPTLC, GC/HRMS, LC-HRMS, metabolomics, sample preparation, etc.)
- Search for natural ingredients (preservative, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, whitening...)
- Purification of natural products (CPC, Flash Chromato., semi-preparative HPLC...)
- Analysis and valorization of plants from the DOM-TOM (creation of a PAM sector).
- Analysis and promotion of Mediterranean plants (creation of a MAP sector).
- Qualitative and quantitative analysis of fragrant raw materials

Chemical ecology  
- Plant-insect interaction
- Identification of volatile organic molecules
- Characterization of elicitor

- History of natural raw materials and perfumes (paleogenetic and chemical studies)
- Development of extraction and analysis methodologies