Team leader : Rachid BENHIDA

The "Bioactive Molecules" team is interested in the synthesis of molecules with antiviral or antitumor properties, as well as in the biological tools (inhibitors, fluorescence probes, diagnostic tests, etc.) necessary for the study of their activity in vitro. . In addition, part of these activities is dedicated to extracts of marine sponges, a natural source of secondary metabolites. The team is also developing new immunological analysis methods for the pharmacological study of molecules used in antiviral therapy, and multifunctional nanovectors used in particular to improve gene transfer (gene therapy) and/or cell therapy.


Therapeutic innovations
- Synthesis and development of New Bioactive Molecules. 
- Nucleic Acid ligands 
- Marine Natural Products

Tools and Diagnostics

- Fluorescence probes / mechanistic studies
- Vectorization
- Immunoassays