Human and Environmental Radiochemistry

Team leader : Christophe Den Auwer, PU

The Human and Environmental Radiochemistry team is focused on studying the impact of nuclear activity on the environment and on humans. The team works in particular in the field of radiochemistry.


Radionuclides in Environmental Compartments
Understand the transfer mechanisms in the environment, define the chemical forms involved and understand their reactivity in a natural compartment (lake water, sea water, plants, soil, etc.).

Bioactinidic Chemistry and Human Nuclear Toxicology
The team "Chemical and Radiochemical Mechanisms in the Environment" dedicates its researches to the fate and impact of stable and radioactive isotopes on the hydrosphere, biotope and human. The approach consists in combining analytical and molecular chemistry for a comprehensive description of the transfer processes, accumulation and internalization of radioisotopes including human nuclear toxicology. Concerning the human compartment, the major aim is the characterization of the interaction between radioelements and biomolecules or model biomolecules, combining analytical techniques such as radiometry and spectroscopic tools such as radiometry, IR-TF and XAS. The team is equipped with laboratories allowing work with Th, U in weighable amounts and transuranic elements in trace amounts.