Catalysis, Synthesis Methodologies and Fine Chemistry


Group Leader: Véronique Michelet (Professor)

About our research :

  • Catalysis by Lewis acids: applications to the synthesis of molecules with organoleptic properties (aromas and perfumes)

  • Homogeneous and heterogeneous organometallic catalysis, new cycloisomerization reactions and domino processes for the formation of C-C, C-O, C-N and C-F bonds

  • Asymmetric catalysis, synthesis of chiral atropisomeric ligands and applications

  • Synthesis of odorous molecules and structure-odor relationships

  • Polymers and organic materials

  • Electrosynthesis

We have Master positions to fill on various projects including total synthesis, catalysis and polymers. Please apply if you are interested 

  • Total synthesis: this project concerns the total synthesis of a bioactive molecule and analogues according to novel methodologies such as Au- and Metal-catalyzed hydroamination reactions. The biological activities will be performed in collaboration with biologists from Institut de Pharmacologie Moléculaire et Cellulaire.

  • Synthesis and characterization of new polymers: this project concerns the valorization of (R)-(+)-limonene, by epoxidizing it to make bio-based monomers. The epoxy monomers are then cured with different hardeners in order to obtain cross-linked epoxy thermosets that can be used for a variety of applications in the polymer industry. A special attention will be dedicated to the use of Lewis acids as catalysts for the reactivity of epoxides and to chiralityAsymmetric catalysis, synthesis of chiral atropisomeric ligands and applications.

  • Heterogeneous catalysis: this project concerns the synthesis of new hetereogeneous catalysts and applications for C-C, C-O and C-N bonds formation in the presence of metallic polymers.

  • Chiral silver complexes: synthesis and characterization of chiral silver complexes as well as their use in asymmetric catalysis. This project is a transdisciplinary project and will be realized in collaboration of the Technological Platform of ICN (NMR analysis and molecular modelling).

Team Members

Véronique Michelet (Professor) – Team Leader

Alice Mija (Professor)

Sandra Olivero (Associate Professor)

Sophie Poulain-Martini (Associate Professor)

Elisabet Duñach (Emeritus CNRS DRCE)

Jean-Claude Clinet (Associate Researcher)

Cristina CANTARUTTI (Post-doctoral fellow)

Thi-Nguyet TRAN (Post-doctoral fellow)

Chiara di MAURO (PhD student, 3rd year))

Lorenzo Seijo-Rigueira (PhD student, 3rd year)

Roxana DINU (PhD student, 3rd year)) 

Vincent Davenel (PhD student, 3rd year)

Romain Laher (PhD student, 3rd year)

Xi Chen (PhD student, 3rd year)

Aurélien Dupeux (PhD student, 2nd year)

Raphaël Saget (PhD student, 2nd year)

Iryna Shcheholeva (PhD student, 1st year)

Iuliana Bejenari (PhD student)

Veronika Khodureva (Master 2 Research student)

Marina Koleski (Master 2 Research student)

Marina Ayubova (Master 2 Research student)

Philippe Martinaux (Master 2 Research student)

 Alan Julien (Master 2 Research student)

Corinna Ponti (Master 2 Research student)

Tamba Camara (Master 2 Research student)