Sustainable Chemistry

Main research activities

■Catalytic methodologies in organic synthesis

■Green and sustainable chemistry


■Supported metal catalysis (Bi, Fe, Cu, In, Ga)

■Biocatalysis (hydrolases, peroxidases, monooxygenases)

■Essential oils modification

■Flavours and fragrances

********************** NEWS **********************

May 11th: reopening of lab under strictly controlled conditions.

COVID-19 lock down :(

March 13th: Sylvain in the jury of MT180 Cote d'Azur.

March 12nd: Olfactory conference at Fragonard Grasse by Sylvain .

March 4th: Mathilde represent the group at the Philadelphia flower show next to our friends of Monell and she gave a talk on lavender scent !

February 4th: Workshop GrasseFlow on flow chemistry organized at Grasse Biotech with the first oral communication of Laure !


December 10th: Sylvain gives a talk in a physics workshop in Nice on micro- and millifluidics.

December 6th: Funding obtained from IDEX for project C.O.D.: Cannabinoids on demand. Stay tuned ....

November 7th: Sylvain gives a talk at GDRO3 annual meeting in Toulouse on the removal of atranols from oakmoss absolute by enzymatic treatments.

October: Sylvain is invited professor hosted by Uniwersytet Slaski in Katowice, Poland.

August 25-30th: GECO 60 in Obernai finally meeting with Dirk Trauner who enjoys phenolics as starting material for complex natural products synthesis.

July 15th: today starts our International Summer School on Flavours and fragrances for two weeks !

June 28th: Successful Master defense of Manon who achieves her degree with highest honors and excellent marks ! Congratulations Manon ! Maybe soon her first publication.

June 27th: Great night with Innovation awards at Innovagrasse.

June 24th: Successful Master defense of Jihene, we are waiting to see your marks and graduation.

June 14th: the 8th edition of our famous Journée Arômes Parfums is again a great success with more than 130 registered attendees and fabulous conferences on many aspects of flavor and fragrance.

May 7th: Sylvain gives a lecture on sustainable chemistry in the manufacture of fragrance ingredients at the annual meeting of the chemistry doctoral school of Marseille.

May 2nd: Great gala of Fondation Université Cote d'Azur at Negresco Palace !

April 26th: Sylvain gives a lecture on heterogeneous catalysis, multicatalysis and flow chemistry at the annual regional meeting of the French chemical society held in Nice.

Mars 28th: Master perfumer Christophe Laudamiel will in the lab for 2 days to perform GC-O on odorant natural complex substances in order to identify new potent odorant molecules.

Mars 14th: Today we hold our first joint Symposium with the Monell Chemical Senses Center.

March 5th: Grand opening of the application lab of the CCISO at Grasse Biotech in the presence of our VP for research Jeanick Brisswalter and the Mayor of Grasse Jérome Viaud !

January 29th: First day of Manon in the lab for her Master internship to work on zeolite doped with copper and its use in synthetic methods development. 

January 14-15th: Sylvain to participate in a Convergence CNRS meeting to try to shape the future of the research in the synthesis of complex molecules in France.

January 11th: New year celebration an party at Université Cote d'Azur ! Dare to create will be our motto for 2019.

January 4th: First day for Jihene at ERINI lab for her Master internship to work on the analysis of leachables and extractables in essential oils from plastic containers.


December 4th: Today the group welcomes Laure Gilles to start a PhD thesis on the discovery and total synthesis of odorant molecules by innovative technologies and approaches.

November 22nd: Last paper from Hélène and André on an enzyme-based approach for the removal of atranols from oakmoss absolute published in open access journal Cosmetics.

November 14th: Heading to Berlin to meet Master perfumer Christophe Laudamiel to smell some fruity esters prepared following a procedure from Fehling published in 1857 and learn more about his unique approach of fragrance creativity. 

October 12th: We have the visit of Prof. Jaroslav Polanski to give a conference and start a new collaboration on solid catalyst.

October 6th: Sylvain gives a conference to a broad audience on sustainable chemistry at the occasion of the science festival.

October 1st: Today we welcome Marissa and Mathilde in the group to start their PhD theses on complex natural substances chemistry.

September 28th: Today we have the visit of Dr. Bob Margolskee from Monell Chemical Senses Center to give a conference and sign a partnership with Université Cote d'Azur.

September 25th: Sylvain gives a conference at perfume company Jean Niel in Grasse. 

July 12th: PhD cofunding for a project on innovative fragrance ingredients in collaboration with IFF-LMR Naturals.

July 10th: Technical note with J.-G. Boiteau on nucleophilic organometallic reagents is now online.

July 4th: Not only the Independence day of our American friends and fellows but the closing meeting of Essenzyme project cofunded by Région PACA.

June 29th: This was the last day of Gaia in the group, good luck for your future career in analytical chemistry !

May 29th: Sylvain to give an invited seminar at Katowice University (Poland) and start a collaboration with Prof. Jarek Polanski.

May 15th: Paper submitted to the proceedings of UCA Complex Days starring Nelli, Alexandra and Pascal ! 

April 19th: Succesful PhD thesis defense of Hélène Bouges !

March 29th: Sylvain to give an invited seminar at Montpellier Chimie Balard.

March 15th: Paper from Pascal in Eur. J. Org. Chem appeared on line with a nice cover picture from Ella Maru studio.

March 12th: European patent application submitted for the results of Hélène in the manufacture of atranol-free oak moss absolute by enzymatic treatment.

March 7th: Sylvain appointed editorial board member of Molecules in the Green Chemistry section

February 8th: Plenary conference of Sylvain at the Regional meeting of the French Chemical Society in La Rochelle.

January 3rd: Bin Li join the group for a 6-month Master of Science training at ERINI to work on contamination of essential oils by migration of substances from plastic containers.

January 3rd: Gaia Cesarone join the group for a 6-month internship as an Erasmus+ student to work on Perfumalism project.


December 12th: succesful PhD thesis of Pascal D. Giorgi who will be flying soon to join Prof. Kenji Hara's lab at Tokyo University of Technology.

October 1st : Sylvain is promoted Research Director at CNRS.

September 13th : Book chapter of Pascal accepted.

July 10th : Sylvain appointed board member of the cluster PASS.

July 7th : Last day of Alexandra in the group. Thank you for your contribution to the topic of multicatalytic reactions.

June 27th : Last paper from a collaboration with our friend V. Dalla on tin triflimide catalysis in N-acyliminium ion chemistry accepted in Eur. J. Org. Chem.

April 25th : Funding from IDEX for the interdisciplinary project Dylight gathering physicists, biologists and chemists to develop light-controlled neurons.

April 7th : 1st Masterclass NiceFlow !

March 1st: Sylvain is appointed Director of the Centre for Creativity and Innovation in Sciences of Odorants, a novel IDEX innovation platform.

February 8th : Full paper from Pascal and Nelli just accepted at ChemCatChem !

January 24th : First paper of Hélène just accepted in Flavour Fragr. J.

January 10th : first day of Alexandra in the group for her Master internship.


December 27th : Paper on vetiver enzymatic acylation accepted at ChemPlusChem and highlighted in Wiley Hot topics : biocatalysis.

November 18th : Sylvain elected President of the Scientific board of ERINI platform.

September 30th : Pascal’s paper still in press but already highlighted in Wiley Hot topics : Sustainable chemisty and selected for the cover of ChemCatChem first issue of 2017.

September 7th : first paper of Pascal on one-pot bicatalytic multistep reactions just accepted in ChemCatChem.

July 14th : 1st paper of Nelli on Hosomi-Sakurai reactions in batch and in flow catalysed by bismuth-doped clays accepted in ChemistrySelect.

July 7th : Back from BOS2016 in Riga with excellent lectures from Brian Stoltz and Ryan Schenvi among others ...

June 25th : today was the last day of Nelli in the group ... Thank you very much for your contribution and in particular for our first results in flow !!

June 20th : the group welcome André Monchot, who joined the group as analytical chemist to work on the project Oakmoss.

April 25th : back from JFIC2016 where Nelli gave a talk on her results on a Bi-MMT-catalysed Hosomi-Sakurai reaction both in batch and flow.

April 19th : Oakmoss project, aimed at providing sustainable enzyme-based processes for the manufacture of atranol-free all-natural oakmoss extracts, get the financial support of SATT sud-est.

February 3rd : RSC Advances full paper on hydroalkoxylation from our collaborative work with Drs C. Aymonier (ICMCB) and M. Pucheault (ISM Bordeaux) accepted.

February 2nd : Chem. Eur. J paper from our collaborative work with Prof. V. Dalla (U. Le Havre) accepted.


December 22nd : Hélène is awarded a Giract 1st year PhD Flavor Research Student bursary.

December 7th : MUSICS project approved by cluster PASS.

November 23rd : Sylvain receives the CNRS Excellence in research and doctoral advisory award.

September 25th : back from Digne at the 34th International symposium on essential oils and extracts where Sylvain gave a talk on enzymatic essential oils modification.

September 15th : Installation of a complete Vapourtec flow chemistry system in the lab.

August : Sylvain continues its 2015 USA summer tour with a conference at City College of New York, a talk at ACS meeting in Boston and a conference at University of Missoula (MT).

July 1st : The group welcome Dr Nelli Elizarov, freshly graduated from Potsdam University who is joining the group as a post-doctoral fellow funded by the French embassy in Germany.

June 8th : today was the last day of Irene in the group after 2.5 years with us :’-( We wish her the very best for her career.

May 29th : European patent application submitted for our biotechnological process for the preparation of vetiveryl esters.

May 4th : Sylvain is back from Madrid where he gave the opening lecture of the EPTES Flavors & Fermentation workshop.

April 22nd : the whole group attended the SCF regional meeting and presented two posters from Irene and Pascal.

January : the group welcome Thierry Auer for a 6-months MSc training to work on the synthesis of novel photoisomerisable molecules (collab. G. Sandoz iBV).


December 5th : Green Chemistry paper on hydroalkoxylation catalysed by metal cations supported on montmorillonite appears on line. Link.

December : the group welcome Hélène Bouges who is joining as a PhD student on the Essenzyme project.

November 18th : Essenzyme project get a financial support from the Scientific board of the University Nice Sophia Antipolis.

November 6th : Tetrahedron paper on tandem thioacylation/cyclisation of 1,6-enynes in the presence of Au-Pd NPs appears on-line. Lien.

October 25th : Sylvain is back from Anglet where he gave the Introducing lecture at the Screen autumn school on green and sustainable chemistry.

October : Review article on bimetallic nanoparticles in catalysis published in ChemCatChem (link)

October : the group welcome Pascal Giorgi who is joining as a PhD student to work on the development of new tandem multicatalytic reactions.

September 8th : kick-off of the project NVA (natural vetiveryl acetate) with the financial support of SATT-sud est.

July 11th : Essenzyme project get the financial support of the Conseil Regional PACA for three years.

July 1st : a review article on the enzymatic modification of essential oils published on-line in open access. Link.

May 5th : Back from Torino (IT) where Irene gave a talk at the GIFC7.

March 18th : PhD thesis position available for excellent candidates (


August 15th : Jade’s paper accepted in Chemisty & Biodiversity !

June 28th : end of the MS internship of Jade and Justine and the undergraduate training of Edwige. Good luck and thanks a lot for your contribution !!

May 27th : Sylvain is back from ISGC2 where he gave a talk and attended many inspiring lectures.

April 11th : Irene and Justine won the RSC New Journal of Chemistry best poster award at the regional meeting of the French Chemical Society ! Congratulations !