Team leader : Pr Véronique MICHELET, PU

The research of the "Aromas - Perfumes - Synthesis - Modeling" team focuses on the development of new constituent molecules of aromas and perfumes and on the description of the modes of action allowing their perception. Natural substances of plant origin inspire the design of new odorants. The team develops catalytic methodologies for the synthesis and biosynthesis of odorous molecules, methods for the extraction of natural products, analytical protocols and molecular modeling techniques towards a better understanding of the mechanisms of olfaction.


Aromas, Perfumes and Chirality

Metabolome and Valorization of Plant Biodiversity

  • Analysis of natural matrices
  • Ancient fragrances, archaeochemistry

Catalysis, Synthesis Methodologies and Fine Chemistry

  • Catalysis by Lewis acids
  • Asymmetric catalysis
  • Electrosynthesis
  • Polymers and organic materials
  • Synthesis of odorous molecules 

Sustainable chemistry

  • Catalysis and multicatalysis in one-pot and continuous flow synthesis methodology
  • Optimization of the properties of complex natural mixtures used in perfumery by enzymatic way
  • Quality, authenticity and naturalness of essential oils